Purity Tours & Services is a partner of Travelife, a leading international management and certification program for travel companies and accommodations that want to be sustainable. Having entered into this partnership, we will take full account of the standards of sustainability that apply (inter)nationally in our implementation.

What does that mean for business operations?

  • Purity Tours & Services works according to (inter)national laws and regulations
  • Purity Tours & Services encourages partners, with whom it works, to be sustainable
  • No discrimination and child labor
  • Purity Tours & Services takes measures for paper use and water and energy consumption
  • First-aid trained staff
  • Purity Tours & Services encourages the sale of local items and products
  • Purity Tours & Services works with partners that observe sustainability

What does that mean for tours?

  • Plastic bottles are collected and delivered for recycling
  • No hunting and consumption of protected and endangered species (turtles, red ibises)
  • Not picking protected flora (orchids)
  • First aid trained guides (first aid kit provided)
  • Ensuring safety by wearing life jackets during boat trips
  • Experienced and knowledgeable guides (knowledge about flora & fauna, inhabitants with their customs and traditions and environment)
  • Procurement of locally produced products (vegetables, fruits and meat)